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Traveling in elegance and comfort is what every person wants. We all want to arrive in style in parties and events, at least once in a while. Hiring a limousine is something you should consider for your birthday party, graduation, wedding, anniversary or that special day that means the world to you. Party Bus Rentals NJ offers the best limousine services in New Jersey.

Keith C The NJ Limo Man

To have a good time, you need access to the best limousine services that New Jersey can afford. Keith C of Party Bus Rentals NJ understands perfectly just how important a good ride is when you are looking to have the time of your life. You won’t need a friend to be the designated driver as the company provides you with a competent professional driver.

Party Bus Rentals NJ is dedicated to offering its clients the best time of their lives. Not only will you arrive in style, but your safety and convenience are things the company values highly. The company is known for its unbeatable ability to provide clients with timely, reliable, and professional NJ limousine and party bus services. The drivers are professional and comply with all the Department of Transport standards and regulations. All the drivers are subjected to mandatory background checks, fingerprinting, and drug tests before they can sit behind the wheel. Indeed, Party Bus Rentals NJ is your ideal partner when it comes to hiring a top of the range limousine or NJ limo bus.

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Why Party Bus Rentals NJ?

From the onset, the firm was destined for big things. It has grown its fleet to include the latest spectacular 44 passenger party bus, equipped with extravagant extras. You will have a memorable tour around New Jersey or New York when you hire any one of the party buses that the firm features.

Keith C, the owner of Party Bus Rentals NJ, has been in the industry for many years. He is the perfect person to consult if you are planning on having a big party or wedding. His in-depth knowledge of transportation arrangements has helped Party Bus Rentals NJ achieve the highest accolades in the industry. Keith understands that a professional, experienced driver and a meticulous limo will contribute to clients having a blast. The high internal standards do not only serve to help clients get the best limo services but set the firm apart from the crowd.

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The Growth of Party Bus Rentals NJ

Party Bus Rentals NJ has grown over time to become one of the best limousines renting firms in New Jersey. Clients are not restricted to rent just sedans, but they can get party buses to wherever the party is. The firm has 10 passenger Chrysler 300s, 24 passenger executive shuttle buses, and the new 44 passenger party bus for you to choose from.

The NJ limousine service offered by Party Bus Rentals NJ is the best in New Jersey. The company has invested in new limousines and buses, which means you won’t miss out on a luxurious ride to any party. The firm offers limo and party bus services to bachelor parties, weddings, birthday parties, graduations, or night outs.

 The Services Offered by Party Bus Rentals NJ

Well, there are many NJ limousine service providers to pick from. What matters the most, though, is whether you get your money’s worth. Visit Party Bus Rentals NJ, and learn of the many services that the team is ready to offer you and your loved ones. Here are the services that you can choose from;

A night out limo services – It doesn’t matter whether you are four guys looking to have a good time or a crowd of 40 alumni reminiscing the old days. Call now and get the best ride that will make you and your friends enthralled for the night.

Prom – We all know how important prom night is for students. It marks the end of an era and the start of another. Pick the best prom dress, and Party Bus Rentals NJ will provide you with the ideal limo to complement the night.

Birthday party – Surprise a friend or a family member with a limo ride around the city. The good thing with the limos and party buses here is that you can hire them any hour or day.

Bachelor/ Bachelorette party – The start of the rest of your life should be marked in style. A bachelor party should not pass by like just another night. There should be fun, extravagance, laughter, and style. After all, you only get to enjoy a bachelor or bachelorette party once in your life.

Car service – Has your car broken down, or are you new in town? This NJ limousine service is simply the best. Call the support team, and a vehicle will be ready for you within no time. Moving around the city should not be a headache just because you don’t have a car. Call Party Bus Rentals NJ and access all types of luxury limos and party buses.

Weddings – A wedding should be a fabulous day for the happy couple. But the attendees should also have a blast. How will people remember a wedding where nothing spectacular happened? The firm has a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, which is one of the top NJ weddings limos couples go for. There are also many limos and party buses to choose from.

Corporate events – A corporate event requires that you make a statement. Otherwise, the people you are meeting might take you lightly. Today, image is everything. You need to enter in a sleek limo that oozes style and elegance. More often than not, your investment in your first appearance pays off handsomely, whether it’s a corporate or a business meeting, and a limo will help you achieve just that.

 The Different Types of Limousines at Party Bus Rentals NJ

When you are out there looking for a limo, you want a firm that has a plethora of vehicles to choose from. No one is looking to hire a vehicle similar to that which they have left in their driveway. Party Bus Rentals NJ has invested in many different types of limousines and party buses. You will be presented with great choices here. Contact the firm today and get the best limo for your night out, graduation, or birthday party. Here are the different vehicles you can hire;

24 Passenger Executive Shuttle Bus – This bus offers you a stunning interior and a spectacular exterior. The bus is spacious and comes with a state-of-the-art sound and entertainment system. The bus comes loaded with beverages, iPod connection, and leather seats.

16-18 Passenger Cadillac Escalade – This NJ limo boasts of a stunning white exterior and a spacious interior. It is a car that will make your party colorful and memorable. Inside the limo, you get to enjoy fiber optics lighting, soft drinks, privacy partitions, and iPod connectivity.

16-22 Passenger limo bus – This white NJ party bus is equipped with an incredible sound system that makes the party come alive. The bus comes loaded with a suave black interior, fiber optics lighting, privacy partitions, and leather seats. It seats between 16 and 22 passengers.

26, 28, 31 Passenger Party Buses – This is a bus designed to make travel convenient and fun for a large group of people. These buses are perfect for weddings or bachelorette parties. The interior is spacious, and a cool sound system is fixed to make the party mood alive. Inside the buses, you will get 4 TVs, leather seats, soft drinks, iPod connectivity, and privacy partitions. You will also enjoy privacy partitions, a restroom, and fiber optics DJ lighting.=

1978 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II – For those who love iconic cars and an authentic feel of a limo, then the 1978 Silver Shadow II is what you should pick. This NJ limo has a spectacular white exterior and a spacious interior. Call today and make your reservation.

10 Passenger Chrysler 300 – This is easily the firm’s flagship vehicle. The 2015 Chrysler 300 is long, sleek, and extravagantly equipped. Among the things you will enjoy in the limo include a TV, DVD, rear passenger controls, hardwood floors, privacy partitions, and state-of-the-art neon lights.

Black Lincoln Town car – This is the car to take if you are going for a business meeting, picking a loved one at the airport, or going for a trip. The car will comfortably handle three passengers. The features that this car boasts of are a superior sound system, cool leather seats, and working air-con.

NEW! A spectacular 44 passenger party bus is now available.


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Why Should You Go for Party Bus Rentals, NJ?

Picking the perfect NJ limousine that will serve your needs well entails looking at several factors. Much as the price is a critical factor to consider, there are several other factors that you must check out before making your pick.

There are many NJ limo services that you can go for. But for that special occasion, event or meeting, you need to find the very best that New Jersey limo world has to offer. Here are some of the factors to consider and where Party Bus Rentals NJ scores highly in each.

The quality of service offered – The level of quality a limo service provider can accord its clients makes all the difference in whether such a firm remains in business or not. Party Bus Rental NJ offers excellent professional limo services at all times. The quality of the service provided here gets accentuated by the chauffeur training, company accreditation, and other credentials.

Type of service – You can hire a limousine from anyone with one. However, what matters is what kind of service NJ limousine service a firm has to offer. Some firms will hire out limos without any customer support. Call Party Bus Rentals NJ today and learn of the different packages the firm has to offer for its numerous party buses and limos. You will also learn of the suburbs you can use their limos in and also the maximum distances you can take a bus a hired vehicle. By knowing the type of service to expect, you will enjoy your party and even save time and money.

The price – Prices for hiring an NJ limo vary from one firm to another. The cost of different limos and buses also differs from one type of vehicle to another. The time you want to hire the limo also changes the amount you will pay. There are instances when package rates will make sense, and there are times when pre-set drop-offs and pickups will be more practical. It is imperative that you know your needs before you decide to hire a limo. Contact Party Bus Rentals NJ, and one of the customer service personnel will help you identify your ideal limo or bus.

What is your itinerary – Your day schedule on the D-day will determine the type of NJ limousine you should pick and the cost it will come with. Party Bus Rentals NJ offers different packages for different customer needs. Some packages allow unlimited drop-offs and pickups; there are others that cover specific suburbs.

The type of vehicle to select – There are many limousines and buses to select at this firm. Some are ideal for weddings, prom parties, or graduation, while others are ideal for business trips or a ride to the airport. Note that the type of vehicle you pick will affect the package rate you should pay. Party Bus Rentals NJ provides recommendations on the kind of limo unit that can handle your needs in an ideal way. Call them today and get a free quote.


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Finding the best NJ party bus should not be a difficult job. You should locate the best limo service provider after a few clicks. With the internet, people can find limos and party buses in NJ with ease. This also means that customers have easy access to reviews and quotes. Party Bus Rentals NJ has a smoothly running website where you can identify and rent the NJ limo you need. But the firm’s business keeps on growing because satisfied customers return, and they also refer their friends to use the firm.

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